About us

We are devoted virtual reality developers because we believe this technology will shape the future and it has endless possibilities.
Our team members have an average of 10 years experience in software and game development. We have experience with mobile, PC platforms and wide range of VR devices (Oculus, HTC, Google, Xiaomi, Idealens, FOVE, Pico etc.) Our team also have lot of experience with the popular 3D softwares and game engines (Blender, Unity, Unreal etc.).

Our team worked on many projects on different platforms in the past but the last 4 years our main focus was the virtual reality app and game development because we think this is the most exciting and amazing technology in the last couple of years and we want to be part of its evolution.




We create virtual reality apps and games for varied devices and platforms. Our apps and games are available on these platforms: Oculus Store, Google Play, Steam, Microsoft Store, WEARVR, Xiaomi Store, Pico-Interactive strore.

Some of our latest projects:


VR Smash Park


Antihero Simulator Metro-2 Smash


Game Assets

We create and sell high quality game assets. Check out some of our latest projects:

Cross VR - Mobile
Breakable Wall System
3D models

If you need something for your project for example high quality 3D models, game scripts or anything else feel free and contact us because we can probably help you.




Contact email: admin[at]tech-tro.com