About the Virtual Reality

The virtual reality is a popular topic nowadays and millions of people already have some kind of VR devices because it is a new, interesting and exciting technology with endless possibilities. Here are some area where the VR is successful.

Education: More and more VR applications made for educational purposes and based on the users feedback it is a very effective and exciting way to learn new things.

Healthcare: Some hospital already use VR devices in clinical therapy with good results.

Arch-Viz: This technology is very effective in the Architectural Visualization because it is allows to visualize structures and buildings even if they are still in plan phase.

Advertising: This is a new way to create spectacular and immersive advertisements. Many companies already created some kind of VR experience for advertising purposes (cars, movies, events, etc.).

Gaming: This is the most obvious and popular use of this technology.

More about the virtual reality: Virtual Reality



About us

The name of our company is Technical Troupers. We are devoted virtual reality developers because we think this technology will shape the future and it has endless possibilities.
Our team members have an average of 10 years experience and they participated in more than 50 different project combined (games, applications, VR, non-VR). They have worked with many companies such as Google, Microsoft, Valve, Oculus etc.



Hire us

Our company worked on different VR projects in the last two years and we accumulated a lot of experience in this field.
If you are interested in this technology and you want a custom VR application contact us. We will help you to create one.



Our Recent Projects


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